Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So, my laptop that I have had since college finally died. 
I lost all my music which is a bummer, but I had just transferred most of my pictures and video so I am thankful for that.

Now, its time to catch up on the last couple months.

Me and the kids after Darin and I got home from our cruise.
It was fun to get away, but we missed these little guys!

Decided to dig up our dress up box.
The kids were excited and wore their get ups to the park which I will never do again.
Not the safest idea and Tripp would not take his off even with an extreme amount of bribes.
Next time I am just gonna have to get tough and not even allow it in the first place.
But, they did have fun!

Playing Angry Birds on my Ipad...their favorite of the moment.

Cash and Riley open an early Birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa.

We had an Easter Egg hunt in our backyard with some of our neighborhood friends.
Please note our "deck".
It has since been torn down and our new deck is in progress which we are very excited about!
Pics on that to come after it is finished!

A little egg dying out in the garage!

Starting our Easter Egg hunt on Easter morning.
The Easter Bunny hides clues in eggs that lead the kids to their baskets.

Finding a clue in the mailbox.

Riley would not put her horse or dog down for even a second.
She carried those things around the entire time.

Finding a clue in the fridge...

in the bathtub...

in the minivan...

and finally found our baskets in the laundry room!
That Easter Bunny had them running all over the place!

Drew blowing Grandpa kisses on Skype.

Well, Luke Skywalker and friends do have to get around after all!!

The boys and their box cars.

More to come!
We have a Birthday post, a visit to the aquarium and more!!!

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