Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Under the Sea

Kansas City has a new Aquarium so we decided to check it out!
The Sea Life Aquarium is all clean and new so that was nice.
If you do go, my advice would be to reserve your tickets online before you go.  You will save about $5 a ticket and they are a little pricey.
Also, to be aware of a few things.
1) The only bathrooms throughout the Aquarium are right near the entrance so if you have to use them, use them at the start of your visit.
2) When you near the end of the place, they have a play area.  I didn't know this, was slightly behind my kids and when I came around the corner they were all throwing their shoes off and heading for the play structure with a bunch of other little kids.
So of course I let them play for a little while, but then had to try and coax them all out of the ropes and tunnels to try to find their shoes so we could go eat.
Fun times.
3) They don't allow flash on your camera because it disturbs the sea life. 
4) If you can, try and go during the week or when it probably won't be too busy.  It isn't a huge place so it gets pretty crowded and there are a few areas where a crowd can really jam things up!
5) And finally, but most importantly, be ready to walk through the gift shop on your way out!
If I knew this, I could have prepared the kids that we could look at the all the expensive toys that would break 10 minutes after playing with them, but not purchase any.
We actually got out of there with 3 toys for only $18 and yes, one did break that very next day.
Oh, and the Aquarium gift shop is connected to the Lego land gift shop.  Keep in mind Lego land wasn't even open yet when we went, but their gift shop was!
Riley came running over with a $60 Lego set all because it included one little Lego horse.
She decided on a little seahorse cube that was actually pretty cute.

I am glad I took the kids to check it out, but probably wouldn't take them again unless they all of a sudden became avid aquatic lovers or something.
They did just open up Lego land which is connected to the aquarium so we will see if we decide to brave that new hot spot.

Here are some pictures of our adventure...the first with a flash!

Outside Crown Center where they had blue water in the fountains. 

We ended our day with lunch at Fritz's Train restaurant!
A fun, but pricey day!

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