Monday, June 4, 2012


WOW...this one...he's quite the handful these days.
Tripp is definitely one I would put in the "terrible threes" category, but...
he is funny.
He does make us laugh a lot.
His new saying is "aw man...nuts." when he doesn't get what he wants or he will ask for something and say  "Yes or no?  Say yes.".
He always wants to play on my iPad and when I get on it, he flips out and says "No, Mom. Don't check your i-mail!".
When he gets up in the morning, his dad tells him good morning and Tripp puts up his hand and says "Stop!".   His dad tells him be nice and Tripp says "No, I not nice.".
He also says "I in a bad mood.".
I am thinking I need to revisit my decision to let him skip his afternoon naps.

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  1. Ohhhh, I can relate to this post.

    He is darling, though, huh?! Such a handsome fella!