Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fritz's, Bikes, Playdough & Quilts...Oh My!!!

 We ate at Fritz's with Grandpa Mel...probably the only place where they will all sit nicely and wait for their food.  The train drives around and drops off your food...if only they did that at every place we liked to eat!!!  Tripp even say in a highchair without any struggle!  That is huge!  And yes, a highchair still...he's best when buckled down!

 Grandpa Mel bought the kids bikes for their birthday.  Riley picked out this princess bike, not because she is into princess stuff, but because it was the only bike that was all pink with a basket...or a bag for her to put her dog in!  Cash like the Transformers bike of course along with his matching helmet.

 Some fun with the Playdough Ice Cream Shop that they have been wanting ever since the first time they saw it on tv.  Darin would have died to see this mess inside the house.  I had this all cleaned up and they had moved the mess outside so Dada wouldn't have a stroke.  Well, Dada still asked to outlaw Playdough, along with sidewalk chalk, in the Johnson home.  We will just have to do it when he isn't around...every kid plays with Playdough and sidewalk chalk.  Come on!!!  He's definitely not one for a big mess, but everything cleans up..for the most part.
 I love this picture.  Riley lined up all her ponies, as she does often, and each one had their own snack.  It was just pretty cute and I left for her til morning.  She would have had a small coronary if I would have picked those up and put them away. 
 My Aunt Joan stopped by on her way through KC (too much texting for me, I had typed thru instead of through.  I bet that happens a lot in schools these days, especially with the way kids text.   I'd be surprised most now how to spell long words!) Okay, back to the point...Aunt Joan stopped in for a visit.  We had pizza, played with the kids and visited.  Here is Drew with her Great Aunt Joan and the quilt my Grandma Nosbisch made for her.  She makes one for every new member of the Nosbisch family...compete with their name and birth date sewn into the back!  She's 85 years old and still sewing like a madwoman...there are a lot of us to make quilts for!  Thank you Grandma!!!


  1. Rachel,
    I had to laugh at a couple things on this post... first of all, the ponies all lined up! That is soooo Andrew! Ha! I guess these kids really are all related, even though they don't see each other too often!

    And the play doh messes...I'm with Darin on that one! Ha! I came downstairs the other morning and Craig had let Andrew dig into all the play doh and I about had a heart attack! Ha! Just goes to show, opposites attract! I guess kids have to have a litte fun, so it's a good thing one parent is the "fun" one (and it's not me!) Ha!

    We need to get Andrew a bike. Those are neat! He still can't pedal! Ha! I think he just needs a decent bike.

    The train place sounds awesome! We really need to come visit KC sometime! I think we'd have so much fun!

    Have a great week!