Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Sunday and a Movie!

 Easter wouldn't be complete without some chocolate covered pretzels from Chocolate Storybook!
 All the Nosbisch Grandchildren in one picture!!!
 Looking for Easter eggs!

 Baby Josie
 Grandpa Mel reading the kids a book...Chicken Butt.  Thank you Grandma! =)
 Cash, Riley and Tripp at their very first movie experience.  We took them to see Rio with Grandma, Grandpa Mike and Grandpa Mel.  They did well at first...until their treats were gone!  Tripp and Riley didn't make it to the end of the movie.  Cash did, but probably wouldn't have cared if we left early.  I think Rio wasn't a movie that they were in love with so they weren't too interested.  Now, when My Little Ponies, Toy Story or Max and Ruby are playing...we are so there!

A little OJ with your popcorn...always a good choice!

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