Thursday, May 26, 2011

4 Months

Drew was 4 months old on May 6th.
I got her picture taken somewhere around the 20th.
So bad.
I was so good with Cash and Riley and only missed taking Tripp's picture maybe once or twice, but usually remembered the next day.
Sorry Drew.
She was 14 lbs 2 oz and grew about an inch and 3/4.
The doctor said that she is a big girl and is in the 60% for height and weight.  75% for head circumference.
Big? Really?
She seems so tiny to me and all my other kids have always been in the 95% for everything.  Riley has been down in the 80% for weight when she was first born and occasionally her height, but that's it.
I guess Drew is still above 50% which is average, but I wouldn't say she is big.
I would say she is happy.
 Yep, a happy girl despite the impending teeth that seem to be torturing her on a regular basis.
Can't wait for those suckers to pop through.


  1. I love that rather somber picture of her.