Monday, October 4, 2010

What we've been up to...

Since Cash and Riley are in school on Tuesdays, that leaves me with a little time to spend with just Tripp. Its nice to have just one child to chase around every once in a while.
We really haven't done anything too fun besides running errands. Since we decided to get our house up on the market, we have been very busy getting everything ready. We have made many trips to Home Depot, but Tripp doesn't seem to mind. He just likes the fact that he doesn't have to sit in the cart. He was running around that store like it was a playground. Its the simple things you know?! I had to take a picture of this. Riley found these napkins the other day and decided to use them as beds for her ponies. And nobody was to touch them! It was pretty cute...for the first day or two. Then, having to maneuver around the sleeping arrangements for her beloved horses, got a little annoying. We slowly threw a couple beds away here and there until there were none left. She didn't seem to notice. By then she was on to something new to obsess about.

Last weekend, we took a break from all the house remodeling and took the kids to a birthday party. Their friend, Grady turned 4 and had a magician at his party.
Here is Tripp before he was banned to the stroller. The little guy just would not stay put and was constantly into everything he wasn't supposed to be. Typical 22 month old, but he had to be stopped so into the stroller he went! He didn't not like it at first, but he settled down and was happy just to be out of the house!
The kids really liked the magician.
He had a bird...

And a bunny...
And made them balloon sculptures.

Riley was pretty amusing.
She kept telling the magician that she wanted him to make her a horse. Well, he didn't know how to make a horse so he made her a puppy. She still kept asking him to make her a horse. He made her a flower, a ring and fixed her puppy, but she still wanted that horse. She would not let it go.
He was a really good sport about it. He just laughed and told us that we should be proud to have a girl that knows what she wants!
Then he told Riley that we was going to go home and have nightmares about horses.
She never got her horse, but finally seemed to come to grips with the fact that she was just going to have to settle with the puppy and the flower.
Then the puppy came undone again.
Only this time, Mr. Magician wasn't there to fix it so we did our best to fix it, but it wasn't right according to Miss Riley. After a major fit and us having to resort to turning on the dvd player in the car, we had a peaceful ride home. We had to just do away with the puppy when we got there. It was causing more stress than one little 3 year old could handle. Maybe at the next party she will get her horse!

So that is whats been happening around the Johnson home lately. Just getting ready to hopefully sell our house and trying to keep the kids happy in the process! We are hoping to get into a new house before I have the baby in January. Me, Darin, 4 kids, a dog and a cat...we just need more room!!!


  1. I'm a KC Metro MoM also! I saw your guest post on the Multiples and More blog. I was wanting to ask you about Deana Rose Farmstead. My twin girls are 13 months. Do you think they are too young for that place? I have heard it was fun, but I don't know anyone who has taken a 1 year old there. I tried to email you, but my computer said it wasn't set up right or something. You can email me at :). I left you a comment on the Multiples and More blog!

  2. I had to laugh at the ponies' beds. My 4 year old just went through a whole box of tissues, making beds for his toy cars and other small such toys. His floor was covered! ;)