Thursday, October 21, 2010

KC Pumpkin Patch

I have been wanting to take the kids to the KC Pumpkin Patch, but its always so busy on the weekends. My friend, Cathy offered to go with me during the week so I took her up on it. After going, I was really glad she came with me. If I would have taken them by myself, Tripp would spent a lot of time in the stroller or I would have went a little crazy.
It is just a really big place and there is so much to do. The kids just ran all over the place all afternoon. So, obviously, having two adults to chase them around was a very good thing.
The first thing we did was the jumping pillow. I kinda wished I could have done it too! Cash and Riley loved it. Tripp couldn't figure out how to get up on it so he was a little less than interested.

They all loved this water table. They had to pump this water down the tube and push the ducks out the other end. Didn't look too exciting to me, but the liked it and it was one of the few activities that kept them all in the same place for a little while.
Of course, they loved the train!

Cash liked this pumpkin slide.

We did a lot of sliding!

They had a maze made out of hay bales that was fun to go through.
They had goats, pigs and horses to feed.
Riley wanted in with the horses so badly! Actually, it was a pony and a donkey, but to her it was all the same.

Tripp was pretty excited about the swings, but these swings were a little hard for them to balance on so we didn't last too long.
Playing in the corn seemed to hold their attention for quite a while too. I like this idea much better than sand. It was a lot less messy!
I really tried to get a good photo of the 3 of them again in this chair. I took 5 or 6 pictures and this was the best. Again, I tried!

They were all pretty tired by the time we went through everything. We ate lunch and let them pick one last thing to do. Riley and Tripp visited the water table again and Cash wanted to jump. They were wiped out, but I know they had a lot of fun. Tripp is still saying "punkin patch, BOO" today. Good thing we have another pumpkin patch visit planned for this weekend!

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