Tuesday, October 12, 2010

San Fran

Like I mentioned earlier, Darin and I spent last weekend in San Fransisco. There is a heavy truck conference every year and Darin was asked to go so I got to tag along. Only thanks to my sister, Sarah, because without someone to watch our kids for a few days, we wouldn't have been able to go.
We left early Thursday morning and were in SF by noon!
Here are a few pictures of our weekend. We didn't do a whole lot besides go out to eat and try to relax.
My husband is the type of person that has to constantly be doing something. When we are at home, he rarely sits down and just does nothing. Even when the Michigan games are on, he is doing something during the commercials.
I am the opposite.
I have absolutely no problem just laying around and watching tv all day...that is when the kids aren't around. When I do get a whim to do laundry or clean out a closet, something along those lines, I just have to seize the moment and do it before the moment passes. I get things done when I need to, but I am okay if there are dishes in the sink when I go to bed. I can do them in the morning and nobody will ever know! =)
Not Darin, he washes as he goes.
I am not complaining.
I would rather have a husband that likes things clean and will do that cleaning himself, than one who is a slob.
There just has to be a happy medium.
So, that being said, the first few days of our vacations are usually spent doing something most of the day.
We walked around and explored downtown San Fran. Saw a lot of interesting people that's for sure. I have never been asked for my leftovers or money ~"just 80 cents to get my methadone" or "35 cents to make a phone call"~so many times in my life.
Now since I am hugely pregnant and look like, at about 6 1/2 months, that I might pop our a kid at any time, I can only do so much walking around the city.
When I needed to get back to the hotel, Darin would go to his meetings or workout, something like that.
One day we took the cable car down to the pier.
The cable car was so crowded that we had to stand. A couple people offered me their seats, but I said I would be okay standing. Partly because I didn't expect the ride to be as long as it was and partly because I didn't think I would fit in the tiny little space that I would have had to squeeze into. Needless to say, we took a cab on the way back to the hotel. The cable car was a neat experience and I am glad we did it, but I was grateful for my own seat in a car on the way back.

This is looking down at the top of Lombard Street
which is the crookedest street in the world. We never got down to the bottom, so a picture from the top was the best I could do.
This was a picture taken on one of the piers. Mainly we wanted to take a picture of the ship for Cash and this plane just happened to be flying by.
Not the best picture, but I had to take at least one of the two of us. I never think I look very swollen until I see pictures of myself. Its not as bad as it was with the twins, but still pretty swollen. Fun times.
We passed a dock where everyone was gathered around taking pictures so of course we had to see what that was all about. All these seals were getting their tan on. They were pretty funky smelling so we didn't hang around there too long. Snapped some pics we thought the kids would enjoy and then got out of there!
Everywhere we went people were stopped and looked like they were all waiting for something. We found out that they were all waiting to see the Blue Angels.
They are a US Navy aerial team that perform all sorts of rolls, loops, passes and different kinds of "tricks" in the air. It is actually pretty crazy to watch.
They are amazing.
As you can see in the couple of pictures, they fly so close together and do their tricks flying at such a high speed. It really gives you goose bumps to watch. I might try to get some of my video up if its not too annoying to watch, but you can also go to youtube and watch some better quality videos.
Look at how they are just perfectly spaced apart and they fly like that for quite a while! Again, its crazy and I couldn't handle the stress if the pilot was someone I knew.
We tried to get to Alcatraz, but they were booked solid for the 3 days we were there. Major bummer. I should have booked it before we even went out there, but i didn't know. I wanted to get to the Ghirardelli store out there too and we were so close, but this body couldn't handle any more walking and I had to get back to the hotel.
So, other than finding some fun places to eat, that is what our weekend consisted of. We of course found a place that had the Michigan game on, with sound by the way, so Darin didn't have to miss them get killed by Michigan State.
I compare Darin after a Michigan loss to the first time you workout after taking a long break. Its always worse the second day. The loss, your sore muscles, always hurt worse on day two, sometimes day three. But, he got over it and is hoping for at least one or two more wins for his beloved Wolverines this season. Just as long as that win isn't against Iowa, I am rooting for them too!
I took these pictures on the plane ride back home.
By the way, I am totally in favor of outlawing the reclining of airline seats.
There are not a lot of things that irritate me more than getting settled into my two by two space with my purse at my feet and thinking "this is gonna be a long flight" and having the person in front of me take the very first opportunity they get to slam their seat back into my knees.
Now, I am 6 feet tall and my knees already touch the back of the seat in front of me so taking away the tiny bit of the room I do have is really maddening . I don't know how people taller than me fly on longer flights like that.
So here is me, with my big belly, no room to move for 3 1/2 hours and the girl behind me is smacking her gum! I so longed for my Ipod to drown her out.
No such luck.
Not trying to complain. I just spent the weekend away on the company's dollar, but I just have to get it out.
So, since my belly prohibited the use of my table, I had to use Darin's.
Not happening...
We got home and the kids seemed like they were happy to see us. They were good while we were gone and Sarah had everything under control.
She even had to get the kids out of the house and get everything cleaned up because we had a showing! It was very positive and they said they loved our house. They would make an offer, but have not sold their own house yet so that was good to hear! The first people to take a look wanted to buy! We will see though if that trend continues. Our realtor has said it is a tough market right now so keep your fingers crossed for us!
Now its back to keeping the kids happy, the house clean and getting ready for the new baby!!!

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