Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kinda Quiet...

Not too much going on this last week. It was rainy and cold almost everyday. We did have one fairly nice day which was nice because that was the day of the truck show!
Darin works for Murphy Hoffman Company where they do something with Kenworth trucks. I don't know. They have dealerships for trucks like they do for cars, I guess and Darin is the sales manager for all their Kenworth branches. I hope that is right anyway.
Sounds good.
They have their truck show every year and I took the kids out. It was at the Kansas Speedway. They had hamburgers and hot dogs, booths with a bunch of candy that I could not keep my kids away from and a band.
Of course, when Cash and Riley saw the racetrack they immediately started looking for Lightning McQueen. They just sat there and waited for some race cars to come out. I felt bad telling them that there would be no race cars. They would have loved to see one race around the track. They did have a couple trucks drive around the track, but it wasn't the same. We needed Lightning or The King. Even Chick Hicks would have been good!

They liked the truck though and just getting out of the house was good for all of us!

On Saturday, Darin took Cash to a bodybuilding contest at The Folly downtown while Riley, Tripp and I did some shopping. One of the guys from our gym was a contestant. He is the one on the end with the dark hair. I think Darin said he is almost 60 or something! This was the senior mens group. The guy on the opposite end with the white hair (if you can see in this picture...stellar photography work I tell you) was 67!
Makes you wanna go work out, huh?!
Well, for a little while it did and then I was back to being happy that I could eat pizza instead of two heads of lettuce for dinner.
Good for them though.
I don't know how they do it!!!
Well, I FINALLY go to the doctor tomorrow.
I am pretty sure that there is only one baby in there, but it will be nice to know for sure. That and Grandma can quit praying that there is two. I don't know why she would want to do that to me! 5 kids under four would be a little much, I think. We will see!!!

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  1. Hey there! I noticed your blog on Top Mommy Blogs because our blogs have the same name!! Only our "party of five" consists of one baby and 2 pets plus my husband and me. :) So a little different than yours! Your kiddos are precious. How exciting that you have another one on the way (or another two, haha).