Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Things were very busy this week! I guess that was why last week was so slow...God was preparing me for what was to come!
First of all, I had my first prenatal appointment and we are having ONE baby! Having twins again would have been fun, but I am pretty sure having 5 kids under four years old may have been a little rough. We are happy and so starts our next family journey!
We had dentist appointments for all three kids. We have the best dentist ever! Dr. Matt is a pediatric dentist and the office is so friendly and fun. Dr. Matt even brings his chocolate cocker spaniel to the office which the kids love!
After the dentist, we went to the Arboretum which is where we had Cash and Riley baptized. It was so nice out and we were all happy to be outdoors in the sun!

There were a ton of little waterfalls all over the park.
A fairly good attempt at a group picture!
And...I am losing them.
Tripp, happy to be out of the stroller!
This is the sun room where we had their Baptism. Funny to see them in here now. They were so small then and now they are 3 years old!
My friend from college, Erin and I took our kids to Little Monkey Business to celebrate their birthdays. We had to open our presents in the van because they wouldn't let us bring them into the play area. Whatever. There was nobody there, but we are rule followers!
Here is Maddie with Cash and Riley. Maddie just turned four on May 23rd which is also my birthday!
It actually got really hot this week so we decided to get out the sprinkler ball. Cash and Riley loved it. Tripp, not so much.

I also decided to give the boys haircuts! Cash has always had a short, buzz type haircut. Tripp has always had longer hair and even had a ponytail when he was really little. Nothing like a mom holding onto the baby hair and refusing to cut it. After many a comment about how cute "she" was, I gave in. Well, this weekend I REALLY gave in and buzzed his hair too!
He looks so cute. Well, we think so anyway. And, he has the biggest head on an 18 month old I think I have ever seen. =)

And finally, Sunday was my birthday!!!
I got my fridge for the garage which I will be loving once it is delivered next week. I never thought I would be so excited about an appliance, but it will make my life much easier!
Darin got me a cake which the kids were super excited about.
It was really sweet!

He even got candles!
My mom and dad sent me flowers!

Darin and I had a sitter stay with the kids while we went to our small group with Pastor Dave. Afterwards we went out to eat at Cheddar's and it was sooo good! It was nice to eat with out having to cut up somebody's food or pick up the floor when we were done, but we were excited to get home and have cake with these three!
And so were they!

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  1. Aww, what a fun birthday! I love the boys' hair cuts. They remind me of two cuties I know. :) I think the buzzed look is such a cute look for summer.

    I feel like a broken record saying this, but you seriously have the CUTEST kids! I wish we lived closer so I could know them and enjoy them. Love you!