Saturday, January 2, 2010

A little bit of everything...

Pictures from our dinner adventure to J Alexanders. We decided to take the kids to one of our favorite restaurants. J Alexanders is the restaurant where Darin proposed to me. It is a pretty nice place so we were a little nervous about taking the kids there, but they did great. They even tried a little Rattlesnake pasta which is the dish I get every time we go there.

How cute is this? I love when they are so tired that they can just fall asleep anywhere. Well, as long as they fall asleep before meltdowns from being too tired happen!
We finally got those C batteries we needed. They LOVED Elefun. Riley loved it the most I would have to say!
We also made the trip to the Ronald McDonald House to drop off the donations. It was a quick trip. Cash really wanted to play on their playground, but it was covered in snow.
We tried to get a family photo in front of the Ronald McDonald plaque. It didn't turn out too bad.
Riley sleeping with her car she got for Christmas. I told you that she loves it!

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