Monday, January 4, 2010

Chuck E Cheese!!!!

Went to Chuck E Cheese for the first time tonight for a birthday party. They had so much fun. I wish I would have taken my camera. It was fun to see them get so excited about everything. They all gave Chuck E five and a hug which I was surprised about. Riley was scared at first, but after she saw Cash do it, she knew she was safe to proceed!
They loved the games even without using any tokens, but once we showed them what they tokens were for it was all over. Once we ran out of tokens, Riley was running around picking up cups off the floor and checking to see if there were any tokens left in them. It was pretty funny.
They also liked the little tv station thing they had going on there. They were dancing and watching themselves up on the big screen. I have never seen Riley dance so much. Tripp loved it too which was cute. He was ALL over the place and had the biggest smile on his face. Cash was really liking Chuck E the best and even thanked the Chuck E logo on the outside of the building for letting us play when we left.
Still the same old Chuck E Cheese, well, except for the fact that when I went there it was called Showbiz. And now they have dancers. They were very serious about there job too. Really wish I had a camera for that one. Next time, next time.
Here are some pics from the other day that I thought were cute. Riley never wants to wear a hat except the last few days she has been asking for it so I had to snap some photos cause she looks so cute in it!

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