Sunday, January 31, 2010

A lot...

After a long week of being stuck in the house we finally got out...a lot!!!
I took the kids to Little Monkey Bizness on Thursday afternoon. They had fun and burned off some energy which was nice. Totally worth the $7.50 I had to pay per child to play!

Friday was spent like any other day which usually consists of playing with trains, cars and more trains. Every once in a while we get in a little time playing with the Dora dollhouse as well.

I love this picture. Cash and Riley were so excited because we were going to see Elmo and all the other Sesame Street friends at the Sprint Center.
Cash loved it. He was dancing and singing. I wish I could have got him on video, but it was too dark in there to get a good picture. He was really cute and so excited!
Tripp liked it too. He kept pointing at the stage and squealing. I was surprised at how long he just sat on Darin's lap and watched the show.

Riley sat like this the entire first half of the show, just staring. She was in awe of all that is Sesame Street. She covered her eyes when Elmo told her to, she clapped her hands when they said to and she stomped her feet as directed.
During the second half she changed seats to be closer to Cash and Merak. The second half didn't quite hold the kids attention like the first half, but they still loved it. I told Darin that I thought that it was maybe about 30 minutes too long. We would have been golden if we would have gotten out of there sooner than we did.
To top it off, as we left the Sprint Center we had a little problem. I guess a little boy had a problem which became our problem. We were next in line to "board" the escalator and the kid in front of us was having problems.
First of all, where were his parents? He looked to be about 8 years old or so. Anyway, the kid attempted to get on the escalator like you normally do, but after placing one foot on the revolving stairs, he decided against it. Leaving one foot on the moving stair, he began to do the splits with his other foot back on solid ground. I was standing behind him with Cash and Riley who were determined not to let this person stop them from their turn on the "ride". I am holding onto their hands, telling them to wait, not wanting to let go of their hands, but trying to figure out how to help this little boy who had a look of panic on his face.
He was now in the full splits and just laid down on the stairs. One of the Sprint Center employees was standing behind me and said do you need me to stop it? I kind of screamed at her yes, so she did. She stopped it, the little kid got up and ran down the stairs. Meanwhile I was thinking she would just turn the escalator back on. I was wrong. So there I am, with all these millions of people standing in line behind me and Riley starts to freak out. She is screaming and crying and all of these people think it is my little two year olds who caused this ruckus among us. I told Riley that the ride was broken and we had to walk, but she would not move. Darin is on the other side of the escalator with Tripp in his arms (he was the smart one who decided to fore go the escalator and take the stairs) so he hurried down the stairs so he could coax her down. She wasn't having it so I just picked her up, kicking and screaming, kept hold of Cash's hand and pulled him down the stairs.
We got to the bottom, I put Riley down and she did her famous flop to the ground and went into a full blown tantrum. You couldn't pick her up, that just made it worse. So we let her be for a little while and then I just grabbed her hand and led her out of the building, through downtown KC, down the stairs of the parking garage, all the way to the car, crying the entire time. We got her into her car seat, gave her some water and after about 5 minutes she just stopped crying. Cash turned to her and asked her if she was okay now. She told him yes and that was the end of it. Cash said "Mama, Riley okay now. She's all better."
Bad parents who don't pay attention to their kids.
Evil escalator.
Today we took them to a train display at the mall. They had tons of train set up and Cash was in heaven. They all liked it, but we had to take him back to the display a second time because he just kept asking for more trains. They had a Thomas and Percy train there too, but he was more interested in the big trains that pulled 100 cars behind them. After we left he kept asking us to "go get me all those trains, I want to get all those trains okay mom?"

So we had a busy couple of days and I am so glad that I got these pictures up before we leave for Florida. Tomorrow will be a busy day packing and trying to get all of our things ready to go. Pray for us as we fly! Its a 2 1/2 hour flight, but we all have our own seats so it shouldn't be too bad. I have a lot of little treats to bring along to keep them happy in the air!!! Hope everyone has a geat week and I will update when we get back from Clearwater!

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