Friday, June 17, 2011

Max and Ruby, Ruby and Max!

Here are the kids enjoying some pool time this summer.  We love the pool in our new neighborhood.  It has a zero entry area which is awesome and the kids love their Puddle Jumpers.  Tripp is even able to get around on his own.  He sometimes needs a little help because he doesn't kick enough, but I don't have to be in complete paranoia the entire time I'm at the pool.  Sometimes its even a little relaxing dare I say!

 Here he is a little upset because he floated out to where he couldn't touch and he wasn't in the mood to kick at all to get back to the stairs.  We went home after I snapped this picture.  Our pool time was done!

 Darin and I took Tripp out for a special surprise all by himself!  We try to take the kids out one on one when we can and do special things with them.  Tripp doesn't get those special "dates" very often so we were excited!
My sister, Sarah, came over to stay with the other kids while we took Tripp to see Max and Ruby.  They are one of his favorite shows.
We got downtown and were driving to the parking garage.  Tripp kept saying "Toy Story 3" which amazed me.  He was remembering when we went downtown to see Toy Story on Ice. 
We walked up to the Midland, gave them our tickets and they gave Tripp his Max and Ruby program.  We found our seats and waited for the show to start.
The first one on was Ruby, then Max and Tripp was so excited.  Well, he was excited and kept saying "Max, Ruby!", but he was wondering where Grandma was.  He kept asking "where's Grandma?".  You know, because Max and Ruby don't seem to have any parents, just a Grandma that comes by occasionally. =)

Here is a video I tried to take during the show.  Its really dark, but you can still hear Tripp and all his commentary which I thought Grandma and Grandpa would enjoy.

 The best thing was when we were walking back out to the car.  Tripp got to hold both mine and Darin's hands!  He never gets to walk in between us and hold each one of our hands because we usually have Cash or Riley's hand to hold as well. 
It's the little things right?!

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