Wednesday, June 8, 2011

5 Months Old

Drew is 5 months old!
I feel like I just got her 4 month pictures up.
Well, I guess I did.
This month, I am on it! =)

She is a happy baby.
Her firsts this month were trying cereal and going swimming!
I didn't get any pictures taken because we have quite enough to handle getting 4 kids all ready for the pool.
Sunscreen, swim diapers, swim suits, snacks, pool toys, towels, drinks, pool shoes, puddle jumpers, floats and more!
We look like the Griswalds when we walk to the pool. 
We have to take our wagon and our double stroller, but its worth it.
The kids love the pool!
Drew was a champ in the water.  The water was really pretty cold for us so I thought she would cry when I put her in.  The shock kind of took her breath away for a minute, but she was fine.  She just hung out in her float and eventually fell asleep.
Maybe I can get some pictures of her in the pool soon.
She's pretty cute in her little suit!

 My friend Cathy and her mom made these blankets for Cash and Riley when they were born and they just gave us blankets for Tripp and Drew as well.  They are made out of Darin's moms pajamas.  She passed away suddenly when I was about 4 months pregnant with the twins.  Our 4 would be her first and only grand babies so we were sad she never got the experience of being Grandma Vonny, but at least the kids have a little part of her to keep with them!
I tried getting a picture of the 4 of them with their blankets and they didn't turn out too bad!
I bribed them with fruit snacks...seemed to work a little bit!

 I thought this was cute.
They were all set up on the landing at their "movie theater".
They were using Riley's IXL as the movie screen.
I think they were listening to a story from Beauty and the Beast.
Whatever keeps them quiet for a little while!

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  1. Those blankets are precious! How special that your kids have something so special to remember their Grandma.