Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We had our first soccer practice/game!
Cash had a lot of fun and enjoyed himself.
Riley...she may be my swimmer.
They were on the field waiting to start, hadn't even been there 5 minutes and she looked at me and asked if they were done yet.
Good sign that the next hour was gonna be a little rough.
You will see in the pictures that Riley pretty much did the exact opposite of what the coach told them to do.
Riley is in the pink shin guards.  Not that you cannot tell which one is her.  She is the only girl and the only one carrying her ball when they are supposed to be kicking it, running one way while all the others are following their coach and running in a circle and so on. 
You get me, right?!
Oh, and I didn't get pictures of her constantly lifting up her shirt while the coach was running through drills with them.  He would pull her shirt back down, she'd pull it right back up.  That went on for about 4 rounds and then he finally gave up trying to keep her clothed appropriately and she lost interest as well. 

 The only reason she was somewhat listening in the photo below is because Cash was the one yelling at her to put her ball down and put her foot on it.
They call that "stop bob".

 She's getting her ball and getting the heck out of there...
 At this time, I had to go to the car with Tripp and Drew.  It was just too hot for Drew and she was tired.  We sat in the car while Darin stayed out with Cash and Riley.  I took this picture because eventually Riley retired over to the baseball field on the left to pick flowers.  I guess she had finally had enough.
So, needless to say, Riley will not be playing soccer anymore.  I'd probably leave her in for something to do, but she was such a distraction to the other kids.  And my experiences coaching little kids before, lead me to believe that their coach would appreciate me leaving her at home as well! =)
Darin did tell me a cute story about Cash that I missed because I was in the car.
The kids were playing their game and at one point the ball came right over to where Darin was standing.
All the kids came running over to get the ball.
As Cash came running by with all the kids, he yelled out "love you, dad!" and kept on running by.
I thought that was so cute.
Now, we will see if he is still exhibiting that behavior when he is 16!
I hope.

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