Thursday, April 14, 2011

Royals Game

My friend, Cathy and I took Cash, Riley and Tripp out to a Royals game.  The weather was awesome so it was a great day to be outside.  Thankfully, Sarah had the day off so she stayed home with Drew.
The kids had a lot of fun.  Tripp was really into the game.  He couldn't take his eyes off the field for about the first 15 minutes we were there.
We watched the game, ate a bunch of food and then walked over to the fountains that go off at the end of each inning...I think. =)  After they were tired of the game, we took them over to the playground area to play and ride the carousel. 
That was when things went south.
Tripp would not leave the slide and threw a major fit when we hauled him away.
And I mean major. 
 Seriously...trying to catch him and then carry him to our next destination reminds me of those contests they have at fairs when they are running around a muddy pen trying to catch a little, greasy pig. 
Only Tripp's not little.
He's huge...and he's heavy.
Especially when he is thrashing his appendages about in a way that screams "I will get away from you!"
Usually to our advantage, Tripp isn't fast.
However, he seems to channel his inner Carl Lewis when he has a goal.
His goal was to get to that slide and never leave.
We finally got him far enough away from the slide and stopped him from taking off back in that direction enough times that he gave up. 
He went back to watching the game.  I sat with him on the stairs while Cathy took Cash & Riley potty. 
When they came back from the bathroom, we decided we better get home.
We broke the news to Tripp that we were going home and again, major meltdown.
Cathy and I had to take turns carrying him to the car which, of course, was parked forever and a day away.
We had the other two starting to whine as well because they were getting tired. 
Obviously we overstayed our welcome.
We made it to the car in one piece and had everything we came with so that was good.
We bid adieu to the "spaceship", as Tripp called it on our way in, and were on our way home...
never to overstay our welcome again!

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