Monday, April 18, 2011

iXL's & Chuckie Cheese

The party must go on...and on and on and on! 
Darin and I got Cash & Riley iXL's for their birthday.  I spent over an hour trying to get my computer to recognize the software and they ended up catching me in the act.  I caved and gave them their presents early.  They love them though and I still have a couple little things for them to open on their actual birthday. 

I took the kids to Chuckie Cheese one day last week. We met some friends there and it was great. There was hardly anyone else there and the kids had a blast.
Cash and Riley blew through the tokens in no time at all.
Tripp spent his time collecting all the balls he could find. It was pretty funny. He was like a dog when they hear the bag of dog food open or something. Tripp would hear the balls drop when someone put a token in the game and he would dart over. One time I caught him standing on the skee ball machine trying to reach over and grab the footballs out of this game while a guy was playing it!
Of course I thought it was funny. The guy playing...not so much. I mean come on, you are like 40 years old tossing around a football at Chuckie Cheese at noon on a Wednesday. At least smile at the 2 year old and humor him a little.
Well, eventually Tripp got a football somehow.
Good job little buddy!

Chuckie gave out free tickets to all the kids that danced with him.  Instead of picking them up and keeping them, Tripp kept picking them up and trying to give them back to Chuckie. 
It was really sweet.

Riley used her winnings to buy some sweetarts...and put them on her pizza. 
Very healthy choice.

Here are a couple videos of Tripp doing the cupid shuffle with Chuckie.  The first one got cut short because Riley decided to stick her grubby hands into the food at the salad bar. 
Salad bars kind of gross me out anyway, but at the right place, I like a good salad bar. 
Chuckie Cheese is not that place.
The salad bar is right at the kids eye level and right at the front of the place so its one of the first things you see.  The kids walk in, they are hungry, want to grab a little taste before they go play, why not?! 
Anyway, just a little piece of advice from me...don't eat the salad bar at Chuckie Cheese...ever.

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