Friday, April 15, 2011

Party Time!

I think out of all our friends and family, probably half of the group either has a birthday in April or a child with a birthday in April.
April is a crazy, busy birthday month for us.
The pictures below are my kids with early birthday presents and my kids at a couple birthday celebrations for some of their friends.
Tripp's birthday isn't until November, but you know how it is...he gets presents for his brother and sisters birthday too!
You will notice that I took Riley in to get her hair cut.  I had taken the boys in and thought I might as well get Riley's cut too.  And cut I did...I had them chop it.  I was growing tired of the nightly fight to brush the tangles out of her hair.
I think her new do is super cute and it is super easy to brush!

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  1. The picture of Tripp totally wiped out (still wearing his sombrero) and surrounded by his beloved toys is priceless! I have looked in my rear-view mirror many times and seen a similar image. So sweet!

    I just love reading your blog! :)