Friday, February 13, 2009

Etc, etc, etc...

Just a couple more pictures I had to put up. Cash is into saying "tank you mama" all the time lately. He is very polite...when he wants to be! =)
Tripp will be 3 months old tomorrow! I can't believe it! I guess now it is finally time for me to quit saying "I just had a baby" when people ask me if I am still pregnant. =(

Here is Miss Riley in her new shades that she got at the eye doctor after she had her eyes dialated. She loved them and wore them constantly for the next few days. She is so funny.

Just wanted to jot down some of our favorite words in their vocabulary along with my best interpretation of they way they say them...
"wapples"=waffles (Riley)
"elitahter"=helicopter (Riley)
"grey"=grapes (both)
"Cash" with heavy emphasis on the"sh"=Cash (Cash)
"Wiley"=Riley (Cash)
"Bench Bies"=French Fries (Riley)
"Tank you"=Thank you (Cash)
"Kooz me"=Excuse me (Cash)
"Ah may"=Ah man (both)

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