Friday, February 13, 2009

Elmo and BIG Beds!

So we are in big beds now...all of us. Tripp has graduated from his "bassinet" to the crib. He sometimes ends up in the bouncy seat when I need a little more rest! He is a great sleeper. He eats for the last time around 7ish and then goes to bed. He usually starts to stir pretty early around 5 or so, but can usually settled back down and will sleep until 7 am! Yes, he is great!

Here is Riley in her big bed. She likes to play for a while before she decides to lay down for the night. There isn't much in there to get into though so she gets bored pretty quickly, gives up and just gets into bed for the night!
Here is Cash. Now he is a different story. He has been found sleeping not only in his bed, but one night he was sleeping curled up with Riley on her bed. Last night he had everything thrown off of his bed and onto the floor. He was buried beneath it all with his head laying nicely on his dog pillow.

Here we are at Sesame Street Live! We took Cash & Riley to see the famous Elmo and friends! Darin was a little upset that Grover doesn't get more press. He's the same color and looks just like Elmo...what gives? I informed him that he doesn't have the cute little voice that Elmo does. Plus, Elmo has Dorothy, Drawer, Computer, TV and Shade! Sometimes he even has little guest appearances from Mr. Noodle. That, Grover does not have! Poor Grover.

Look at her little face...she was so excited!

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