Thursday, September 24, 2015


I've been trying to write a post. A post that explains how we came to where we are today with Tripp. It's been exhausting to try and get all the details in and remember all these moments that have helped us realize that this little boy needs some help.

So I decided to just start here.

We are searching for a therapist for Tripp.

Someone that can help him spend his days at school learning about math and spelling vs spending his day in the bathroom because he "feels weird" or constantly going to the window to make sure the clouds aren't too dark.

Someone to help him feel safe when it's storming outside. Someone to help him learn to feel comfortable without the use of headphones and an eye mask or wanting a towel over his head when he's scared or nervous.

Someone to help Tripp learn how to calm himself down when he gets mad and says things he doesn't mean. It's not fun for him to have these breakdowns at school in front of all the other kids, but he can't help it. And he is always embarrassed afterwards and is apologetic for what he said or did on his own, without anyone telling him to say sorry.

Someone to help him be happy and worry free!

And someone who isn't going to cost us a small fortune since BCBS doesn't cover "mental health"! What is up with that? And judging by the waiting lists of all the therapists I have already talked to, there are a lot of kids that are obviously in need of some "mental health" services. We will spend the small fortune if we have to, but hoping to find someone we can afford without dipping into his college fund. 😉

So that's where we are.

And Tripp is excited for 3 stay at home days this weekend!

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