Monday, September 28, 2015

Renaissance Festival

I took Tripp to the Renaissance Festival the other weekend...just me and him.
It was awesome.
Tripp even taught me what an anvil was because I had no idea.
Thank you Minecraft.

The weather couldn't have been better.
The sun was out and it was cool in the shade with just a slight breeze.
It was perfect.
That did not stop Tripp from thinking he felt raindrops and heard thunder.
Ahh, buddy.

But, he met a knight...

And shot a cross bow...

We had the best time. 
Just the two of us.
AND he got a sword that says "mom" to help him remember our special day. 
I love this kid.


  1. What a fun time for both of you!

    1. 😊 had fun. It's so great when I can do things with the kids one on one, especially Tripp.