Tuesday, July 19, 2011


These are a few pictures from our last couple weeks. 
The picture of all 4 of the kids is from 4th of July. 
We took the kids to the parade and spent the rest of the day at the pool.  It was really hot that day and the kids were worn out.  We did not make it to fireworks because we were all so tired.  Darin and I were even in bed by 9 pm! 
That mixture of hot sunshine and pool time just does us in!

My Aunt Linda and Uncle George stopped by for a visit on their way through KC.  Tripp was a little obsessed with George's glasses and George, very bravely, let Tripp try them on.  You see...Tripp is a destroyer of all things.  But, he took very good care of the glasses.

Riley and Tripp being sweet to each other...gotta get pictures whenever moments like those arise!

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