Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blueberry Farm

Our trip to the Blueberry Farm...

 Riley loved picking blueberries.

 Tripp loved climbing on the hay bales.
Cash loved the berry train.

 Tripp did not.
 If you can see him in this picture, he is crying with his hand up and saying "stop mom, stop".  And if you can see the driver, she was probably like seriously lady, you put him on here for what reason? Ugh...I felt so bad I put him on that thing, but you know if I hadn't, he would have had a major fit because he didn't get to go.  I thought he would be okay and then I saw the train disappear!  They were not just going around the parking lot.  They went all through the fields and were gone for a while!  I was a little nervous, but they finally made it back and Tripp was okay.  Won't do that again!

Eating our cookies that we bought in the country store. 
They had blueberry everything!
It was a cute place and we all had fun.
Too bad none of us like blueberries! =)

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  1. What fun! I know that I sound like a broken record, but you have the CUTEST children ever!!!!

    You are such a GREAT mom, Rach!