Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Buddies

We finally decided it was time to give pumpkin carving a try. We got one pumpkin and a cute little kit with all the pumpkin carving tools. The kit also came with stencils of different designs you could put on your pumpkin.

We cut the top off and started pulling out all the stuff inside...or "guts" as Cash & Riley called it.

Tripp helped too...he held onto our light until we were ready to light up our creation!
Here he is! Tripp couldn't handle all the excitement and was in bed during picture time, but I am sure we will get one of him with his first Halloween pumpkin later. He turned out pretty well and that cute little pumpkin carving kit we bought,we didn't even use it. Money well spent. The stencils looked a little intense and we didn't have 2 hours to sit and cut it out. Cash and Riley like things done quickly or they lose interest, so we just free handed it.

My little pumpkin buddies...


  1. Ok, they are SOOOO cute! I LOVE the picture of Cash and Riley with their arms around eachother. Now that is just precious. :)

    Andrew is going to have a blast with all the kids at the Nosbisch Xmas! We are hoping for everyone to be healthy so we can make it!

    I enjoy following your blog. :)

    Take care and see you next month!

    Jen, Craig & Andrew

  2. cuties! i'm with you on the whole stencil kit being for the birds!! we let cal draw what he wants and then carve it exactly, we don't even take creative license. smart to use a light, reminds me i need to go blow out the candle in cal's pumpkin...