Monday, October 5, 2009


I can't get my pictures uploaded and its making me crazy!!! I think that I deleted the program when I was trying to rid my computer of a nasty virus. Very frustrating. I have the cutest pictures too.

Some of the pictures are of Tripp's new haircut!!! Yep, I finally took him in for his first haircut. Goodbye to the ponytail! It was a little emotional for me. Darin and I both liked his hair long. We loved his little ponytail even though everyone thought he looked like a girl, but it just always seemed to be hanging in his face so we thought it was time for a cut! He did really good and now officially looks like a little man. He went from a little baby with long, brown hair highlighted with some blonde streaks to a little boy with short, blonde hair! Its super cute, but I still miss his long locks.

Darin and I went to Colorado Springs for the weekend. Goodbye diapers, mac & cheese and cleaning up toys. Hello sleep, adult conversation and quietness! It was a work trip for Darin and I was invited to join him. My mom came to stay with the kids. We left Friday morning and came home on Sunday. It was a short trip, but it was fun. We went out to eat, slept in a little bit, took a nap and I read an entire book without any interruptions! I, of course, called home about every hour or so. The kids sound so little when you talk to them on the phone. We missed them a lot, but they had a lot of fun with Grandma. Thanks Grandma!!!

Hopefully I can get the picture thing figured out this evening after the kids go to bed. We will see!

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