Friday, October 23, 2015

Rainy Day

We were in the pick up line this morning to drop off the kids at school.
On rainy, cloudy days like today, Tripp likes to wait to get out of he car until we are the first car in line so we are right by the door.

A little girl jumped out of the car in front of us. Tripp, through the open van door, said "Hi Maddie! Is it raining?"
Maddie walked back towards our car and said "Hi Tripp. It's raining just a little, but it's ok. Come on." and motioned with her hands for him to come with her.

Tripp jumped out quickly and walked into school with her and a smile on his face.
It was the sweetest thing. 

All the kids in his class know Tripp is really scared of crummy weather, but I'd never seen how they react to him and help him when he is scared.

I thank his teacher and his counselor for helping his classmates understand how Tripp feels and teaching them how to help him. I thank the parents of his classmates for raising sweet, caring kids. 
Definitely made this moms day. 

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