Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy V Day!!!

We started off Valentine's Day with some chocolate donuts with sprinkles. Cash and Riley were so excited about the donuts. They are just like their mom...they like to eat!!! We got out the easels and let them paint too. My mom sent them these paints that had the paint in the handle so they were very "mess free". Just what we like here at our house. They had fun painting and spent most of the day making awesome pictures!
Tripp enjoyed the balloon, that is, when Riley gave it up. She was probably the most excited about the balloon. The first thing she talked about, when she woke up from her nap, was the fact that she had a balloon waiting for her downstairs.
We brought out their ride-ons from the basement for something new to play with. I love switching out their toys. Bringing out new toys every few days keeps them happy and busy and I like that!
Darin was watching the Daytona 500 (I think) and the kids really seemed to like it too. They got on their cars and were riding around. Cash kept telling us that his favorite car was the blue car which was the Miller Light car. Riley's favorite was the red car which was the Target car. How fitting. Not that Cash is a big Miller Light drinker, but we do like Miller Light in the Johnson house. =) And of course we love Target!
Pretty low key, but we had a great day. Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day as well!

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