Friday, November 6, 2009


Every night before Darin and I go to bed, we go in and check on all the kids.
Most every night they are asleep when we go in. We usually have to cover them back up because they have kicked off their covers.
Occasionally, one of them might still be awake. I love it when they are half asleep and try to talk to us.
Even when they are completely asleep, they will still talk to us. If you tell Riley you love her, even though she is sound asleep, she will say "too". That cracks us up every time.
When we first put Cash and Riley into their big beds, we would find them on the floor every night. Wherever they were in the room, whether it be in between their two beds, by the window or blocking the door...they were always sleeping together. I think they have wised up to the fact that their beds are more comfy than the floor because we don't often find them there anymore.
Occasionally, we would find them in the same bed which was really cute, but they haven't done that in a long time.
Until last night...

Riley climbed into Cash's bed.
It's so cute. They have just been so close lately. Always holding hands, crying when the other one gets into trouble, springing their other half out of time out before its time and they have been playing together a lot more often too. They have even been putting on little "talent shows" lately, using our fireplace as their stage. I am trying to get some video of that up...its hilarious!
And then there is this little guy...
Can't wait to see what fun surprises he has in store for us once we move him to a big bed!!!

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